My mission is to eliminate corruption in congress and restore our government back to the American people.

We all know Washington D.C. has become a cesspool of corruption. They don’t care about us. Over 1,000,000 Americans died during COVID, more than 40,000,000 had their work reduced or lost their jobs entirely. Do you really feel like the people in Washington care? During that time when you lost everything, Congress experienced its largest personal wealth growth EVER. They live like kings and queens while we suffer the consequences of their arrogance. This all stops the moment I am elected and sent to D.C.


Term Limits

every American wants term limits for those in Congress. I will ensure they begin the very day I am sworn in.

Ban on Congressional Stock Trading

Jared Huffman and the democrats had a chance to do this during the last session of Congress, but Jared Huffman’s friend Nancy Pelosi refused. It makes sense since Nancy is after all the biggest beneficiary of illegal insider trading in Congress, so of course she won’t vote to limit her own wealth. This stops immediately.

Public Service Employment Screenings Prior To Being Sworn In (the exact same as police officers)

Did it upset you when George Santos turned out to be a con man? It should. It should upset you even more when you learn that it never would have happened if he had applied to become a police officer. Police officers go through an EXTENSIVE background process prior to being hired. This process includes things like multiple lie detector tests, psychological analysis, personal and workplace background checks. Imagine if we held the people who make the laws to the same standards as the people who enforce them.

Cognitive Capability Screenings with public results

All members of Congress must undergo regular cognitive capability screenings with the results made available to the public. Cognitively incapable members of Congress like Diane Feinstein(deceased), Mitch McConnell, and John Fetterman will immediately be removed from their positions.

Campaign Liability

Prospective members of Congress will be held liable for their campaign promises. If you do not deliver on your campaign promises, you are ineligible for reelection.

Members of Congress who violate the law in pursuit of their own personal gain will face automatic substantial prison sentences.

And this is just the beginning….
We WILL have accountability within our Government. This is a Government FOR THE PEOPLE. I will do my part, can I count on you to do yours? In 2008, then Senator Barrack Obama said “Yes we can” and Americans stood behind him. In 2016, Donald Trump said “Make America Great Again” and Americans stood behind him. Now I am saying it is time “To Eliminate Corruption In Congress” and I am asking Americans not to stand behind me, but to stand next to me. This is our country. It’s the greatest country in the world and we all know it. We have to stop letting them divide us. UNITED - we can do anything.

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